Our Objective Evaluation of EGB

You can now wager on the victor of an esports match or tournament, similar to how you would wager on the winner of a soccer tournament. Additionally, it is possible to place bets on specific events that may occur during a match. Every day, the wagering action explodes and the variety of options grows exponentially.

As a consequence, we anticipated that the eventuality was when a group of astute individuals collaborated to develop an all-encompassing esports wagering platform. At present, a number of online sportsbooks and casinos offer esports wagering, albeit typically on a restricted selection of games.

EGB completely alters the narrative and allows wagering on any aspect of athletics. Even though the site’s concept is incredible and caused considerable enthusiasm among our staff, we still wanted to ensure that it lived up to the hysteria. We had prior experience with initially intriguing content that ultimately dissipated as complete and utter nonsense, and we intended to ensure that this website was different.

Our team was tasked with evaluating EGB to determine whether or not it was time-consuming for those interested in placing bets on athletics. In the pursuit of providing unbiased reviews, we steadfastly refuse any site’s attempt to bribe us or induce us to report anything but the truth. Those familiar with our previous evaluations are aware that we will lambaste a website to smithereens if it fails to meet our stringent criteria. You are not benefiting from a review that is neither accurate nor exhaustive. We consistently strive to provide a comprehensive account, encompassing both the positive and negative aspects, and occasionally more, the unsightly.

Bets and Esports Games Offered

An essential criterion for an esports-specific wagering website is the selection of games on which wagers are available. By limiting the selection of wagers to those which are also available at conventional sportsbooks, a dedicated site becomes redundant as an alternative. Simply put, there would be no purpose in that regard. The majority of sportsbooks presently provide wagering options on a variety of two to four events. Although we do expect this to expand in the future, that is all we have observed thus far.

Each of these distinct sports contains a multitude of wagering options.
While the majority of the alternatives are win/loss wagers, a few also offer gimmick wagering opportunities. Such wagers include “will or will not win eleven rounds,” “first kill in round one,” and “will or will not win map sixteen.” Please be aware that the following are merely a selection of brief examples obtained from random matches. Essentially, you are permitted to wager on a multitude of distinct facets of each match.

User Intersection

The simplicity of using the site to navigate and place wagers is referred to as the user interface. This ought to be a straightforward procedure that does not demand effort or the desire to extract hair. We found the EGB user interface to be satisfactory. It was merely adequate; it wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t exceptional.

Let’s begin by discussing the aspects that we appreciated. The homepage of the website featured an extensive array of filters and selection mechanisms for preferred content.
This was fantastic and did simplify the process of locating specific wagers (so long as you knew what to search for beforehand). Additionally, the website offered the functionality to modify the spacing on the odds board. While we initially found this feature absurd, it turned out to be quite visually appealing and simplified the experience.

The concerns we have regarding the interface are transient in nature and would not persist if you were a frequent user of the site. We are familiar with the numerous abbreviations and shorthand used in the odds layout. This is problematic in that it may be difficult for novice bettors to locate simple wagers with which to begin. Those with prior experience in online sports betting will find no difficulty utilizing this interface.

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